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Exposed to many different legal, cultural and business contexts has been able to acquire the skills to manage multidisciplinary teams and learn from them.

Environmental and Social Senior Principal Consultant

Juan Ramón Miguélez has over thirty (30) years of experience providing environmental and social consultancy, managing teams and teaching for graduates and postgraduates. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as a Master’s degree in Environmental Assessment and Management.

His experience encompasses managing, advising or auditing projects to IFC, IADB or ADB Standards and Good International Industry Practices on behalf of lenders and private companies in lending and transaction processes.  He is very well versed in the set up of Sustainability Governance Systems in compliance with World Bank and IFC Sustainability Framework.

He also supports large corporations of the Oil and Gas, Mining and Manufacturing industries in preparing their strategy for Energy Transition as well as Circular Economy.

His work experience includes numerous industrial and civil projects in Spain, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, primarily involving environmental assessment, design, modelling and monitoring. He is knowledgeable about resource-based sectors, such as petroleum and mining; chemical and pharmaceutical plants; coal, gas, thermosolar, and wind farm power plants; and of infrastructure construction, such as linear corridors (roads, railways, channels, pipelines, power transmission lines) and port facilities.

Juan Ramón provides project management of interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, business administration skills and technical expertise in biology and ecology.

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