Sustainability Governance Implementation

How to do it

Sustainability Governance Implementation

The Sustainability Governance implementation process is conceptually summarized and further explained.

 Two complementary approaches should be the basis to properly develop your Sustainability Governance System:

  • The Adaptive Governance (AG); and
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA).


Adaptive Governance

The Adaptive Governance approach is an intentional approach to making decisions and adjustments in response to new information and changes in context.

The wheel presented on the left is the way USAID operationalized the concept in a very practical way.


Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach

The Plan, Do, Check, Act approach provides a balance between the systems and behavioral aspects of management.

  • Plan. Define and Implement the Sustainable Management System (SMS)
  • Do. Follow Plans and Procedures and Register both Actions and Results
  • Check. Verify Compliance with the SMS. Review Results and Deviations and Propose Changes
  • Act. Implement Proposed Changes

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